Accuracy & length

The Morsh 2 wood is designed for all golfers. Don’t be afraid to hit it long anymore. The club enables shots nearly as long as those made with a driver, while being far more accurate from the tee and the fairway.

Stainless steel club head

Designed with special care, the club head is made out of quality stainless steel which gives you a soft feel and perfect amount of feedback and feel into your hands.

Morsh Gen. 2 shaft

Morsh shafts are specially made for the 2 wood specifications. Because of the exact mid-to-low kickpoint and 43,5″ length the club will ensure you a slightly higher trajectory so you can reach the greens you couldn’t before.

2 Fairway Wood


Graphite shaft specifications:

IE Club length Weight Flexpoint (bend point) Torque Swing weight
Regular shaft 43,5″ 60g middle 3,7 D2.5
Stiff shaft 43,5″ 60g middle 3,5 D2.5
XStiff shaft 43,5″ 60g middle 3,3 D2.5
Senior shaft 43,5″ 58g middle 3,7 D2.5
Ladies shaft 42.5″ 55g middle 3,7 D2.0


DISCLAIMER: Product prices do not include taxes, so there may be additional import costs when ordering internationally.

2 Wood Loft:

10.5 deg


183 cc





Dexterity (hand):


Morsh 2 wood GEN. 2 cover
Morsh 2 wood GEN. 2 club face

Personalize your Morsh 2 wood

Optimize your 2 wood for individual feel and trajectory.

You can adjust loft of the club from 10.5 degree loft to 12.5 degrees and vice versa to 8.5 degrees.

Another adjustability option is changing the swingweight. With 4 different weight screws (3g, 6g, 9g and 12g) you can adjust the feel of the club weight through the swing.

2 Wood Testimonials

Morsh 2 Wood Fairway


“It took some time to get used to the club, but now it works for me much better than the driver.”

Morsh 2 Wood Fairway


“I can reach greens which I couldn’t with my 3 wood because Morsh gives me great distance from the fairway. Worth of buying.”

Morsh 2 Wood Fairway


“The Morsh Wood 2 is a very unusual club which will definitely raise attention among your flight partners. It is well produced, gives you additional length and supports you without using a driver. Try it out!”

Morsh 2 Wood Fairway


“First I was sceptic because of only 10 degrees, but the ball has a really nice trajectory, better than expected.”

We got you covered!

Morsh 2 Wood Fairway

With a 30 day money back guarantee you have more than enough time to get the full picture of the 2 wood’s performance and start enjoying it.

In case you don’t love it we return you the amount of money you paid for the club without any questions.
Are you looking to elevate your golf game to new heights? Look no further than our MORSH 2 Wood Gen 2, the ultimate golf driver wood designed to maximize your performance on the course. With its cutting-edge technology and superior craftsmanship, this club is a game-changer for golfers of all skill levels.
The MORSH 2 Wood Gen 2 is meticulously engineered to provide unmatched distance, accuracy, and control off the tee. Crafted from the finest materials, this golf driver wood combines power and finesse to deliver exceptional results with every swing. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, this club will help you achieve the perfect balance of distance and forgiveness.
Shaft flex

Regular, Stiff, Xstiff

100 reviews for Morsh Fairway 2 Wood Mini Driver- GEN. 2 RH – Regular, Stiff and X-Stiff Shaft
  1. Frederik Scheidl (verified owner)

    Expensive shipping but ok I don’t buy clubs every day… I hope the club will suit me

  2. Cecil Jonson

    Placed my order. Can’t wait to receive it!

  3. Oliver Brown

    G’day. How long does it take to Australia. Thanks mate

    • Morsh Golf

      Hi Oliver. You chose UPS delivery so it should be with you in 3-5 business days after the club will be dispatched 😉

  4. Patrizio Paratore (verified owner)

    I have the first one and loves it. Can’t wait to put my hand on this one!

  5. Steven R.

    I will have to wait 3 weeks for the club? The delivery information says it should be delivered in 3-5 days!

    • Morsh Golf

      Hi Steven. I’m sorry if you misread the information. You’re correct, the delivery takes 3-5 days but this month we’re collecting pre-orders. All the pre-ordered clubs will be shipped on 1st of March as it’s written under the price on the product page. Please let me know if I can help you in any other way. Best, Mark

  6. Nikolay (verified owner)

    I like the idea of 43,5 shaft. My first one was 44 and was a bit too long

  7. James K. Simpson (verified owner)


  8. Eloise

    I’m so happy you deliver to France. It’a surprise for my husband

  9. Carlos

    Finaly! I was waiting for 2 years now.

  10. Ian J.

    I hope it’s even better than the first gen.

  11. Jiannis Aetós

    I don’t like the cover but overall I think it will be a great club

  12. Phil

    Looks really nice. Hopefully I can’t hit it as good as it looks

  13. Karlo Nowak (verified owner)

    I played with a mini driver before and I loved it. But I think this smaller club head will be even better because I had some issues with mini driver off the deck. I hope this will do the magic. I play 15 hcp and love to try out new equipment. I was thinking about getting the first Mors model but they ran out of stock. This is now an excellent opportunity to get it in my bag.

  14. Vladimir K.

    Finally is here! The first generation was awesome

  15. James Boyce

    I broke my driver. Hope this replaces it well

  16. Patrick

    Almost 20$ for shipping to US???

    • Morsh Golf

      Unfortunately yes…we ship from Slovenia (Europe), this is why shipping is a little more expensive. But you will have the club in 3-5 days at your address 😉

  17. Michael B.


  18. Miguel

    Looks sick!

  19. Donald M. K.

    I bought the first model back in 2015. Amazing club. It was about time that new model was made

  20. Omar (verified owner)

    One star for the club. I didn’t like it at all.. But ok they took it back within moneyback guarantee.

  21. Billy (verified owner)

    I received my preordered club yesterday. Terrific! I missed only 4 fairways. You don’t want to see me with the driver ?

  22. Leon Mäkelä (verified owner)

    Great club!

  23. Matt

    dont like the feel. This club is not for a single hcp

  24. Josef Franz

    Sehr gut Fairwayholz

  25. Rob (verified owner)

    Just received the Gen2 2 Wood today 3/16, and was able to try it out at the driving range. I ordered mine with the x-stiff shaft. It is solid, well designed and the fit/finish is excellent. At address, it lines up well and is almost straight. Some woods have a closed position, this has little to none. I left the loft at 10 degrees and with the 9 gram weight. My swing weight scale claims it is about D1+. You can adjust the loft in 1/2 degree increments from 8.5 to 12.5 degrees. I was able to get good height by setting the T slightly higher, and able to hit lower shots by setting the T a little lower. Almost all my hits were relatively straight with excellent distance. A few hits were draws or fades, but with very little curve. It is an easier club to keep the ball flying straight. The sound is a very muted higher pitch metal sound. I intend to use this club mostly on par 4’s T shots, and especially on the 1st T box when I haven’t had time to warm up. I feel confident hitting it.

    • Morsh Golf

      Hi Rob. Thanks so much for the feedback! It’s really nice to hear you love the club 😉

  26. Benjamin (verified owner)

    Nice looking club. I tested it today and I like it pretty much. What I like the most is the soft feel but still a firm sound.

  27. Greg (verified owner)

    great design

  28. Arthur M. B. (verified owner)

    I purchased the 2 wood despite our golf course is closed due to coronavirus. I tried it in the net in my backyard and feels good. Hopefully it will serve it’s purpose at the course

  29. Warren (verified owner)

    I’m a 2-handicap in Tennessee, USA. I hit the ball very high and am a good long iron player. For the past few years, my bag has been driver and putter plus the following irons: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, P, 52, 58. With my driver approaching 300 yards and my 1-iron off the tee around 240, there was a large gap in my game between those two clubs. To fill that gap off the tee, I could throttle down on driver, or hit a cut to take off some yardage. But off the turf, I had no way of hitting anything longer than 235 unless I tried driver off the deck which is always risky. I’ve tried various 3-woods over the years, but I’ve never found one that I hit on an acceptable trajectory. Always too high, such that if there was any sideways movement on the ball, since it was in the air for so long it would end up well off target. One day I googled 2-wood and found Morsh. i bought one in elate 2019 and as of this writing (early April 2020) I’ve had it for about a month. I love it. It has done exactly what I had hoped it would. I hit it on a more laser-like trajectory and it has perfectly filled the gap. Off the tee it’s around 265 or 270 and I can hit it off the fairway accurately up to around the same yardage. The club looks fantastic, sets up really nicely, and the weight distribution fits my swing well. I got the X shaft. If my story sounds familiar to you, I highly recommend you give this club a shot. It has quickly become one of my favorite clubs and a true “weapon” in my bag.

  30. Raphaël

    I haven’t like a delivery guy, very rude. Club ok

  31. Julio (verified owner)

    You have another happy customer. Thanks for the great support.

  32. Billy (verified owner)

    Honestly said I thought this would be worse. All my friends warned me about noname brands like Morsh, but I am very pleased with the club. I would only need to choose stiff shaft instead of regular :/

    • Morsh Golf

      Hey Billy. No problem at all. We can make an exception and replace your shaft. Send us an email to and we will talk further 😉

  33. Felix H.

    Gen 2 ist unglaublich (y)

  34. Raymond

    Oh cmon how on earth should I hit a 10 degree wood from the ground

    • Morsh Golf

      Hello Raymond. Please let us know if we can somehow help you with any advice. A lot of our customers hit the 2 wood off the fairway and they’re happy with it. If you happen to be dissatisfied with your order please let us know and we will return you the money.

  35. Jose M. B. (verified owner)

    I love it. Great club handling and contact. It’s almost the same size as my 3 wood (y)

  36. Harold (verified owner)

    I usually play regular but I took stiff and it’s great that I did. The shafts are still a little soft, similar as with the gen.1

  37. Guido (verified owner)

    Estoy muy contento con mi pedido

  38. Hans (verified owner)

    I still miss some shots but better than driver.

    • Morsh Golf

      Hi Hans. Thanks for the feedback 😉 Yes, unfortunately is no magic club so practice is still needed, but it sure helps with the control and adds some extra yards when you need them 😉

  39. Marcus Odendahl

    The Club is amazing, i like it a lot and hit the fairway much more than with my driver. Also it gives a great opportunity for the 2. shot at a Par 5 from the fairway ?? i might order a second one with 8.5 degrees, so i can use one for the Teeshot and the other one for the fairway…we will see ?

    • Morsh Golf

      Hey Marcus. Thank you for the feedback! We’re thrilled you like it so much that you’d have another one 😉 Looking forward to hearing from you.

  40. Damien (verified owner)

    Oh my gosh I love it. At first I had some issues from the fairway but from the tee this club has power!

  41. John Alan (verified owner)

    Good club, I just don’t like the shaft flex. I replaced it with Fujikura and I’m hitting it really well

  42. Eric James (verified owner)

    Hey Morsh Golf. I want to honestly thank you for such a great service! I used the club yesterday and it feels really good, looking forward to more great shots! I must say the service is unbelievable. I ordered the club last monday and received it with UPS on Thursday! That’s 3 days, from Europe! Amazing. Just keep it going!

    • Morsh Golf

      Hey Eric. Thank you for your nice words. We do our best and the UPS express service is really nice if you’re from the US 😉

  43. Harien

    Really interesting club. I tried it because my friend got one and I was really curious how a 2 wood with only 10.5 degrees can hit the ball in the air enough. But it’s not so low, it’s almost like a 3w, maybe a little more penetrating ball flight. After a few rounds I decided to buy it as well. I just received the demo club (which is a bit cheaper) and I like it!

  44. Daniel (verified owner)

    Awful shipping with GLS. I ordered to UK and the package was lost. wtf. I received the club after 3 weeks. I can’t say, your support was flawless but you should really consider changing the courier company.

  45. Adam Schmidt

    I also had shipping issue but Mark from their support fixed everything. It took about 7 days longer but now I’m more than happy..

  46. Bo Jefferson (verified owner)

    Super satisfied

  47. A. Carlson (verified owner)

    Great looking club but not for me

  48. Dragane (verified owner)

    Baš super golf palica, nadam se da će uskoro biti i Gen.2X

  49. László

    Nagyon szeretem. Kiváló termék

  50. B. Morrison

    Excellent club. I really like it…this is why I wonder why anyone on tour doesn’t play it. Do you have at least any colleague golfers playing it?

    • Morsh Golf

      Hello Mr. Morrison, thanks for asking. Unfortunately the guys on tour have such a powerful sponsorship contracts that we can’t even dream of paying them so much they would consider our club. Unfortunately everything comes down to money… But we have a few young colleague golfers play it yes… They all asked us to fit the club for their swing and now they’re playing it frequently.

  51. Alejandro Gonzales (verified owner)

    The 2 wood GEN 2 is even better than the first one. I just have one suggestion – please make the adjustable ferrule this way that the shaft won’t need to rotate for the adjustable loft. It is a little disturbing when I deloft it for 2 degrees and at the ball address I look at the back side of the shaft if you know what I mean..

    • Morsh Golf

      Hi Alejandro,

      thanks for letting us know and thanks for the advice, we always try to improve 😉 If you’d have any other ideas please be so kind and send us an email, we appreciate every feedback.

  52. Alexandra Müller (verified owner)

    My husband loves it. It was a really great surprise. And the black box they send is quite nice so all I had to do is put a birthday bow around it.

  53. Wang Wei

    Cmon guys I received the box almost completely destroyed.. I chose worldwide economy shipping but still, this shouldn’t happened. Where can I send you my complain so you would inspect it?

    • Morsh Golf

      Hello Mr. Wang. We’re really sorry. Please send us an email with photos of the box damages on and we will gladly help you out. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  54. jörgen (verified owner)

    very very good club. I hit the ball very high so this 2 wood helped me a lot

  55. Anna (verified owner)

    I’m glad you made it 0.5″ shorter than the first model. Now I can hit it more confident

  56. John Morrisson

    I f**** love this club! The sound is crazy, friends envy me the singers B-)

  57. Ingvild (verified owner)

    5 stars for this club

  58. Otton Jensen (verified owner)


  59. Robert Meier (verified owner)

    nicht schlecht, aber ich muss mich daran gewöhnen

  60. Rodriguez

    This club is great. BUT if you’re buying it, everyone just take in the account that the shafts are a little bit softer so if you are a strong regular than rather choose stiff flex.

  61. Pedro Henrique da Silva Oliveira (verified owner)

    Very well club. Me like the feeling when hitting it.

  62. Gerwin

    I like that you shortened the shaft for half of inch from the last model so it’s easier to hit

  63. Benny (verified owner)

    Not the club for me, sorry. I have too low trajectory to use it. I would like to return it and use money back guarantee

    • Morsh Golf

      No problem Benny, thanks for letting us know. Please contact us on and we will let you know the procedure to send us the club and receive your money back. Have a nice day.

  64. Anthony Callagher (verified owner)

    I will tell you my story. I am 62 years old and I play golf almost every day or at least 4 times a week. I don’t use my driver for 5 or more years because I can’t hit it well. I bought your 2 wood and I didn’t like it in the start, but I decided to give it a second try and went on a driving range. I needed about 3 or 4 buckets of balls that I started to hit good shots. Now when I got used to it I am much more confident and I can hit it from the fairway as well…from time to time when the lie is decent. So I think that this is a good club but it’s so special that you need a day or two on the driving range before getting used to it. It’s not love at first sight, but it’s worth it!

  65. Alex Bell

    I broke the steel screw from the adjustable hosel and the guy from support answered my email immediately telling me that new screw will be sent to my address already the next day. Awesome support, thanks!

    • Morsh Golf

      Hello Alex. Thank you for your kind review. We’re always glad to help. Please let us know when you receive it 😉 Have a nice day

  66. Andrew Young (verified owner)

    It suits me well

  67. Elias (verified owner)

    I’m sorry I didn’t choose express delivery because GLS took 10 days to deliver the club to Sweden… :/ The club looks nice, can’t wait to try it out on the course.

  68. Ben (verified owner)

    from the tee great, but still struggling from the ground

  69. Stefano (verified owner)

    Hi guys. It’s Stefano from Italy. I just bought the club from you and I’m super excited. Let me tell you my story…. I played now some years with Taylormade mini driver and I fell in love with it. But lately I wasn’t hitting it well because I changed my swing and I didn’t have good feeling any more. I already looked at your first model of 2 wood but didn’t feel confident enough since you were a start up and I didn’t trust your products. Even though I saw some great reviews about it on the internet I wasn’t ready. Well, a few weeks back I decided to give your 2 wood a try. I immediately fell in love with it. The club head is much smaller then on the mini driver so I liked it at first sight. I must say that the weight is a little bit different that on a 3 wood or driver but this wasn’t a problem for me. I just hit around 100 balls on the range and that was it. My new favourite club in the bag. I also have a friend who is left handed and would love to have your 2 wood too so please let me know when you will have them. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  70. GarethJ (verified owner)

    Interesting club. I really like the feel and all, but the adjustable screw broke when I tried to tighten it.

    • Morsh Golf

      Hi Gareth. We’re sorry to hear that. Could you please contact us at and we will send you a replacement 😉 Thanks

  71. Laura (verified owner)

    Not the club for a woman. I couldn’t hit it in the air

  72. Arven

    I simply love this club. With my driver I had a lot of mishits but with 2w it’s really better

  73. Rajko (verified owner)

    Odlična golf palica. Stvarno mi se sviđa

  74. dwayne smith

    Hats off to the support. Excellent attitude

  75. Jonathan J. M. (verified owner)

    The stiffness of the shaft is softer than usual. I would need a stiff flex

    • Morsh Golf

      Hello Jonathan. Contact us over email, maybe you can send us the shaft back and we send you the stiff one. It’s very easy to replace it since the club is adjustable and you can fasten it with screw. 😉

  76. Gerard (verified owner)

    I was very sceptic cuz you dont have any presentative here in France to try and go hit the club. Thank god you have this money back guarante. This is why I decided to order it anyway and I dont regret it. I like the club, the feel, the sound. If I would need to give you one minus point, this is that you dont have any french site or french speaking presentatives, but other is ok.

  77. Ali Jon K. (verified owner)

    Hey guys. I like the club but the screw for adjusting loft just broke! I would ask you for a replacement

    • Morsh Golf

      Hello Ali. Sure, please send us and email at and we will send you a new screw. Thanks for letting us know.

  78. Johnatan Jones (verified owner)

    5 out of 5. Works for me pretty well

  79. Gordon (verified owner)

    Great club. I was lucky that I found previous comment and I took stiff flex because I’m alway between regular and stiff. Morsh stiff shaft suits me well

  80. Mario (verified owner)

    Sono molto soddisfatto del mio acquisto

  81. John

    Crappy shit

  82. Tommy (verified owner)

    I f*** love this club. I had cobra long tom before but couldn’t hit it from the turf because the club head was too big. This one if actually as my 3w and it feels awesome.

  83. dennis (verified owner)

    I need to get used to it, the look is great but from fairway it can get tricky. But definitely better from the tee than my driver. You guys should maybe up-loft the club for a degree or two maybe…

  84. Angel d’Alberto (verified owner)

    Big shout out to Mark who helped me choose the right shaft based on my swing speed. I have regular and I love it. I didn’t know I can hit it shorter and lower if I have to stiff shaft. Great support

  85. Alicia

    I bought the demo club a month ago but couldn’t get used to it. Unfortunately I couldn’t return it so I gave it to my friend. He has more power and he likes the club but I wouldn’t say it’s suitable for women.

  86. Asbjørn (verified owner)

    Jeg liker det veldig godt. Virkelig bra golfutstyr

  87. Hans Fütterer (verified owner)

    Ich habe es und es is perfekt!

  88. Damien (verified owner)

    I would say that this is a mini driver, and not a 2 wood since it has only 10.5 degrees, but overall it’s a nice club doing it’s magic like it’s stated. Maybe a little challenging from the ground, but I’m not a good hitter with my 3w either.

  89. Nicole (verified owner)

    Ordered it as a gift. I hope it will be a nice surprise 🙂

  90. Antoine (verified owner)

    Very good club for golfing. I leave my driver in the car before the round because I not need it.

  91. anonymous

    Finally some discount! Can’t wait to receive it

  92. Antonio B. (verified owner)

    I really like this club. Can’t wait for the next model

  93. Liam (verified owner)

    Love the club. Thanks to the Morsh team

  94. Gregor Y.

    Better than a Taylormade mini driver, smaller club head so it’s easier to hit from the fairway

  95. JD (verified owner)

    Ok club. Had to reshaft it with xstiff. Great so far, the only fairway wood with a loft like this

  96. Urban Stenfelt (verified owner)

    I can say that the club works really fine. I hit a stroke approx 280 meters today and it looks great!!! 5 of 5!! 🙂

  97. Christher Lenander

    Bought it with x-stiff and the shaft was super hard. Morsh Golf sent me a stiff shaft instead and the club got playable. Goes really low and spin is low. Had to put it upp to 11.25* and put the 12g weight in. The face doesn’t feel as active like other bigger brands like Taylormade. But the club do what is meant to do. Go low and roll far. In Trackman I got 35 meter of roll. Overall I like the club. I put the ball in play everytime with it.

  98. Arvid (verified owner)

    great club, great service. Thanks to Ziga, he was awesome with the email support

  99. A.W.

    Love it. It took some time to get used to it but now it’s awesome. If you order the club, take time and test it to get to know it.

  100. Per Vindfeld Klingaa (verified owner)

    My Morsh 2 Wood now has the nickname “My Slovenian love”. Best buy for many years.
    I usually don’t leave reviews but this is so good !
    Bought it some months ago and it keeps feeling SO GOOOOOOOOOOOD !

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