Accuracy & length

The Morsh 2 wood is designed for all golfers. Don’t be afraid to hit it long anymore. The club enables shots nearly as long as those made with a driver, while being far more accurate from the tee and the fairway.

Stainless steel club head

Designed with special care, the club head is made out of quality stainless steel which gives you a soft feel and perfect amount of feedback and feel into your hands.

Morsh Gen. 2 shaft

Morsh shafts are specially made for the 2 wood specifications. Because of the exact mid-to-low kickpoint and 43,5″ length the club will ensure you a slightly higher trajectory so you can reach the greens you couldn’t before.

NOTE: Orders from outside Europe and specific European countries can cause import charges & taxes.


10.5 deg


183 cc





Dexterity (hand):


Morsh 2 wood GEN. 2 cover
Morsh 2 wood GEN. 2 club face

Personalize your Morsh 2 wood

Optimize your 2 wood for individual feel and trajectory.

You can adjust loft of the club from 10.5 degree loft to 12.5 degrees and vice versa to 8.5 degrees.

Another adjustability option is changing the swingweight. With 4 different weight screws (3g, 6g, 9g and 12g) you can adjust the feel of the club weight through the swing.

Morsh 2 wood adjustability



“It took some time to get used to the club, but now it works for me much better than the driver.”


“I can reach greens which I couldn’t with my 3 wood because Morsh gives me great distance from the fairway. Worth of buying.”


“The Morsh Wood 2 is a very unusual club which will definitely raise attention among your flight partners. It is well produced, gives you additional length and supports you without using a driver. Try it out!”


“First I was sceptic because of only 10 degrees, but the ball has a really nice trajectory, better than expected.”

We got you covered!

With a 30 day money back guarantee you have more than enough time to get the full picture of the club’s performance and start enjoying it.

In case you don’t love it we return you the amount of money you paid for the club without any questions.
Shaft flex

Regular, Stiff, Xstiff

18 reviews for Morsh 2 wood – GEN. 2
  1. Cecil Jonson

    Placed my order. Can’t wait to receive it!

  2. Frederik Scheidl

    Expensive shipping but ok I don’t buy clubs every day… I hope the club will suit me

  3. Oliver Brown

    G’day. How long does it take to Australia. Thanks mate

    • Morsh Golf

      Hi Oliver. You chose UPS delivery so it should be with you in 3-5 business days after the club will be dispatched 😉

  4. Patrizio Paratore

    I have the first one and loves it. Can’t wait to put my hand on this one!

  5. Steven R.

    I will have to wait 3 weeks for the club? The delivery information says it should be delivered in 3-5 days!

    • Morsh Golf

      Hi Steven. I’m sorry if you misread the information. You’re correct, the delivery takes 3-5 days but this month we’re collecting pre-orders. All the pre-ordered clubs will be shipped on 1st of March as it’s written under the price on the product page. Please let me know if I can help you in any other way. Best, Mark

  6. Nikolay

    I like the idea of 43,5 shaft. My first one was 44 and was a bit too long

  7. James K. Simpson


  8. Eloise

    I’m so happy you deliver to France. It’a surprise for my husband

  9. Carlos

    Finaly! I was waiting for 2 years now.

  10. Ian J.

    I hope it’s even better than the first gen.

  11. Jiannis Aetós

    I don’t like the cover but overall I think it will be a great club

  12. Phil

    Looks really nice. Hopefully I can’t hit it as good as it looks

  13. Karlo Nowak

    I played with a mini driver before and I loved it. But I think this smaller club head will be even better because I had some issues with mini driver off the deck. I hope this will do the magic. I play 15 hcp and love to try out new equipment. I was thinking about getting the first Mors model but they ran out of stock. This is now an excellent opportunity to get it in my bag.

  14. Vladimir K.

    Finally is here! The first generation was awesome

  15. James Boyce

    I broke my driver. Hope this replaces it well

  16. Patrick

    Almost 20$ for shipping to US???

    • Morsh Golf

      Unfortunately yes…we ship from Slovenia (Europe), this is why shipping is a little more expensive. But you will have the club in 3-5 days at your address 😉

  17. Michael B.


  18. Miguel

    Looks sick!

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