Another golf blog? NO

Another golf blog? NO

Another golf blog? NO 838 540 Morsh Golf

Žiga Mlakar

Let me introduce myself. I am Žiga, the founder and the idea leader behind Morsh Golf.

I decided to write about everything golfers are curious about. There are so many blogs and articles on the internet these days but my opinion is that there is still plenty to write about. I will do my best to cover as many unusual and not often discussed topics to keep you interested and educated.

What is actually the point of golf blog?

As far as I know there are hundreds of golf blogs, so why write another one? A lot of blogs are written just to reach wide specter of audience. These contain specific golf topics like comparing golf clubs, golf balls, basic instructions how to hit properly etc. Have you ever wonder why golfers wear their sunglasses backwards, how to choose the best tee box position for first shots, how to warm up in 5min or maybe how to get back on the course as soon as possible after injury? These are a few of all topics I would like to share with you. Off course I will also write about how to cure slice, which shot to pick for a specific lie etc. but my goal is to educate you about things you can’t find anywhere else.

Are you curious about something and you have not found the answer yet? Write down the questions in comments below and I will do my best to tell you everything about it in one of the next posts.


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