How to hit a 2 wood

How to hit a 2 wood

How to hit a 2 wood 838 540 Morsh Golf

A lot of people ask me how to hit a 2 wood.

It’s no big deal, believe me. Too many people have second thoughts about it. Do we play with a driver and a 3 wood? Of course.. It’s true that a 2 wood is not so common club, but that doesn’t mean it’s hard to hit. You just need to hit it like you would swing a 3 wood. Like they say, grip it and rip it.

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It’s true that not every golfer can hit a 2 wood, but it’s not as hard as people imagine.

There are 5 main things you should have in mind during the practice:

  • Swing speed
  • Ball position
  • Bouncing, not digging
  • Weight distribution
  • Contact

Swing speed

Swing speed is very important when it comes down to the 2 wood shots. Because of the lower loft the club isn’t suitable for the golfers with very low swing speed.

If your swing with the driver isn’t at least 75 or 80 mph, we would recommend you to find the club with more loft that a 10.5 degree 2 wood. Although Morsh stock shafts with mid flex point help you get the ball in the air, they can’t make you a long-hitter with drives of 300 yards and more 🙂

You don’t know what’s your swing speed? No problem, this is also one of the main reasons why we have a 30-day moneyback guarantee – so that different types of golfers can test the club for 30 days no matter the swing, no matter the skills.

In case any buyer of the new 2 wood isn’t happy with it, he can return it and we return the money.

Ball position

Ball position is very important and you should put more emphasis on that. Many golfers hot their woods with a golf ball positioned to far back in the stance.

This creates a steep angle of attack and a lower ball flight with too much spin on the ball. It is more like a stinger which looks good but you lose distance this way…

Move the ball forward in your stance. You should have it approximately one golf ball inside of your front heel, like this:

2 wood golf ball position

Keep in mind that when you tee the ball you can put the ball more forward in your stance than when you have it laying on the fairway or in semi rough. If you need a good contact from the turf you need a slight steeper angle of attack so keep the ball closer to the middle of you stance.

Bounce the club, don’t dig it

The sole of the 2 wood is made to bounce of the ground. Especially when you hit the 2 wood of the ground without a tee, make sure you bounce and not dig it with a too steep swing. You can also break the shaft this way if you hit it too hard in the ground.

It’s not that you shouldn’t make contact with the ground, but don’t dig it like you would with a sand wedge or similar. Make a sweet contact like of the butter.

Weight distribution

When you tee the ball, slightly lean towards your trailing shoulder to hit it up on the ball.

When you play it of the fairway keep your shoulders square and weight evenly distributed for the best possible contact.


I saved the best for last, although it should be on the first place.

Contact is crucial! Remember this words! You can have the best swing and master all of the above but if you don’t have the right contact nothing will help you.


Morsh 2 Wood

Morsh 2 wood is designed to suite all kinds of players. 10.5 degree loft is a bit lower than golfers are used to, but the club is especially made to hit the ball as far and accurate as possible from the fairway too. The clubhead is the same size as the 3 wood so the feeling is almost the same, there’s just a small loss of the distance compared to driver because of the smaller club head volume.

Morsh 2 wood GEN. 2 club head

Do you hit your 3 wood good? If you need shots as good as with the 3 wood, just longer, or almost as long as with the driver, but far more accurate, Morsh 2 wood is the right club for you. You can find it in Left-handed and Right-handed version.

Don’t be afraid to try something new. It doesn’t mean it’s no good if your friend doesn’t use it. It is just unusual and something new. This is what keeps us going towards even better equipment and better results. Visit our shop HERE and find out if Morsh 2 wood is the right club for you 😉

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