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How to hit a 2 wood

How to hit a 2 wood

How to hit a 2 wood 838 540 Morsh Golf

A lot of people ask me how to hit a 2 wood.

It’s no big deal, believe me. Too many people have second thoughts about it. Do we play with a driver and a 3 wood? Of course.. It’s true that a 2 wood is not so common club, but that doesn’t mean it’s hard to hit. You just need to hit it like you would swing a 3 wood. Like they say, grip it and rip it.

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Morsh 2 wood is designed to suite all kinds of players. 10 degree loft is a bit lower than we are used to, but the club is especially made to hit the ball as far and accurate as possible from the fairway too. The clubhead is the same size as the 3 wood so the feeling is almost the same.

Do you hit your 3 wood good? If you need shots as good as with the 3 wood, just longer, or almost as long as with the driver, but far more accurate, Morsh 2 wood is the right club for you.

Don’t be afraid to try something new. It doesn’t mean it’s no good if your friend doesn’t use it. It is just unusual and something new. This is what keeps us > going towards even better equipment and better results.