Four golf apps every golfer should have (No.3 is crucial!)

Four golf apps every golfer should have (No.3 is crucial!)

Four golf apps every golfer should have (No.3 is crucial!) 1024 683 Morsh Golf


Do you ever wonder which are the mobile golf apps every golfer should have? I know I do, this is why I made a little research to give you the best answer.

Nowadays there are hundreds of thousands of apps on the market, some of them are good and some of them are also bad. It’s the same with golf apps.

For a quick overview, here are the golf apps I found that seemed to be great, free options with some paid options for intermediate users. I gathered the apps in four different categories, from which I assume you need only one.

The categories are:

  • Golf swing analysis
  • GPS score tracking
  • Golf rules
  • Golf news

Under every app you’ll find some alternatives because when it comes to user experience it’s about every golfer’s opinion.


1. GPS score tracking

hole19 Hole19 (link)   

This is surely one of the most enhanced golf scoring apps. It has a lot of functions which can benefit almost every golfer.


It has digital scorecards from more than 39.000 golf courses worldwide and gives you the ability to track your scores and stats.

Performance statistics track your performance in driving accuracy, GIR, putting, scores by par, recovery performance and scoring.



One awesome feature is also that you can connect with your friends and other golfers around the world and share your scores with them, chat, share photos and status updates.

Besides iOS and Android version, the app is also available for Apple Watch and Android Wear. There’s also a premium membership for more advanced users at 49,99€/year.

You can download it here:  iOS app    Andoid app



2. GOLF Swing analyzers

v1golf V1Golf (link)

When we talk about swing recording and analyze I think we could agree that V1Golf is one of the best and well known golf swing apps.


With the V1Golf you can record your swing or import the video and play it with variable speed and frame-by-frame. Of course you have tools like drawing lines, circles, squares etc. to visually analyze the swing.

One of the cons is that you can have split screen analysis with one of your or “tour pro swing library” videos only if you purchase premium edition which is 4,99€ for iOS devices and 5,40€ for Android devices.

You can download the free version here:  iOS app    Andoid app

I know it’s not a lot of money for an app but I personally rather find a free app with similar or the same functions…


swingaid SwingAid (link)

One of the alternatives I found is the app called SwingAid. I tried it and I must say it has a lot of potential although is still pretty new as fat as I saw.


Unfortunately, SwingAid is only avaliable for Android devices for now, but I’m sure the developers will launch the iOS version soon.


swingaid_screenshot2The app has some pretty awesome features – it’s not just about swing recording and drawing lines, they have a community behind the app.

SwingAid allows you to upload the video and other amateur and professional golfers can comment your swing and give you an advice.

Within the app there are also categories like »Secrets« where tour players analyze their swings in sections, and give out their Secrets on how to swing the golf club.

Fix Me is another category where you can upload your swing video, and ask for help the community. Worldwide viewers of SwingAid will help you.

Although it’s a free app it has some extra premium options that need to be paid and the price is 18,67€.

You can download it here: Andoid app




3. Golf Rules

This one is crucial! You can’t imagine how many rules every golfer violates. Most of us don’t even know that we break any and we should change this!

This app will help you learn and understand all the golf rules. It can also help you out during the argument with your golf colleague.


The Rules Of Golf by USGAusga_rules_screenshot

This is the United States Golf Association’s official application for the Rules of Golf.

It’s the best out there and it’s free. It includes the edition of the “Rules of Golf” effective January 1, 2016 and, through an in-app purchase of $1.99, you can get the 2016-2017 edition of the “Decisions on The Rules of Golf.”

Within the app you can find every rule, definition and decision available.

You can download the free version here:  iOS app    Andoid app


The R&A Rules of Golfrulesofgolf_screenshot1

The alternative is The R&A Rules of Golf, which is very similar to USGA’s app.

I personally use this one, because it comes with an interesting and very catchy quiz where you can learn most of the rules in a funny way.

You can download the free version here:  iOS app    Andoid app


Other alternatives:


4. Golf news & live scoresgolf_channel1

The best one out there is certainly the one from Golf Channel.

It has a bunch of different categories. Some of them are Scores, News, News Videos, Instruction Videos, Photos, Equipment etc.

You can download it here:  iOS app    Andoid app


If you prefer to have more indepth results and statistics you should also download PGATOUR and EuropeanTour app where you can monitor scores much more detailed.



Although there are a bunch of great golf apps on the market (some of the best are written above), you should use them sparingly because nothing should take your golf pleasure away!

I’m dying to know if you use golf apps on the course and off the course, how often and which one? Write your experience in the comment below 😉



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